Sunday, June 7, 2009


title: FATE
theme: LOVE

1st piece

Fate says that no one in this world is alone, everyone have a special someone. They could be anywhere around the world. And sometimes that person is just right beside you. So, Everybody needs Somebody... The reason why i put hotlink is because hotlink connects people. With hotlink, you can easily find that special someone

2nd piece

"how long?" is the mean question. Every couple in this world have this question in their mind "how long will we last together?", "how long are we going to stay together?", "how long will we hold each others hands"... so "how long?" is the main question. And only fates know the answer. Reason why i put Periquita wine is because wine are lasting, so this means "how long?", as long as a bottle of wine. the 2nd media is actually a wine shop door.

3rd piece

Fate doesn't decide your future or your love. Is you, you are the one who decides. There are alot of choices, and they are in your hands, waiting for you to decide. You can decide which type of love life you want. But some of the decision doesn't end up like what you expect, some ended up in a lonely life, while some ended up a good and satisfied life. The reason why i want to put ING insurance is because, ING can support you when you need help in your life.
OH YEA! which 2nd media you think is better?



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