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Friday, September 18, 2009

Mood Board for "How To Slim Down Your Hamster?"

flow chart will be coming soon.. :3... stay tune

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Web Design Assignment 1

Web Design Assignment and Project sudah sampai... OAO!
Jangan panic panic...

Project title: How to....?

Ideas so far...
How to slim down my hamster? HAHA!
theme: cute and cartoonish/ doodle style
1.Who am i? - Pet Expert
2.What is it?- Hamster
3.What for?- For people that have obese hamsters
4.1st task- Foods for slimming
5.2nd task- Different types of exercise
6.3rd task- Our hamster slimming product
7.Outcome- A slim an fit hamster
8. Showcase- Gallery

How to gain weight?(for those who are born with high metabolism/born skinny) lol~ im a member...XD
Theme: Delicious food style (either in reality or line art)
1.Who am i? - Doctor/Pharmacy
2.What is it? - Fats
3.What for? - to help people gain weight
4.1st task- Food that is needed to gain weight
5.2nd task- To do list to gain weight
6.3rd task- Not to do list
7.Outcome - a fit and normal weight person
8. Showcase- Gallery

How to create your own art style?... err... cacat ka?
Theme: texture doodle/ texture art + some montage
1.Who am i? - Art Director
2.What is it? - Art Style
3.What for? - to help art students or those who are interested in art and designs
4.1st task- research and references/materials/resources
5.2nd task- Find your interest in different type of art style together styles
6.3rd task- Combine different types of art styles together
7.Outcome- Own artstyle
8. Showcase- Gallery

How to create a nice doodle artwork?
Theme: doodle
1.Who am i? - Designer
2.What is it? - Doodle
3.What for? - to help those who are interested in doodling
4.1st task- materials
5.2nd task- Ways to doodle/demo
6.3rd task- products
7.Outcome- a decoration for anything

8. Showcase- Gallery

How to spend your time in the toilet while doing big business?... ROFL
Theme: Cartoon/Cute
1.Who am i? - Auther
2.What is it? - Time
3.What for? - to help people save time
4.1st task- basic/common ways to spend your time
5.2nd task- others different ways to spend your time/sharing
6.3rd task- products
7.Outcome- Save time
8. Showcase- Gallery

How to make your own eco enzyme for cleaning (natural soap)
Theme: Greenish and crayon style
1.Who am i? - Auther
2.What is it? - eco enzyme
3.What for? - for cleaning and cut down water pollution
4.1st task- materials/preparation
5.2nd task- steps/making it
6.3rd task- preserving it
7.Outcome - your own eco enzyme for cleaning (natural soap)
8. Showcase- Gallery

How to be an Otaku?
Theme: Cartoon
1. Who am i? - Auther
2. What is it? - Otaku
3. What for? - for people who loves anime alot
4. 1st task- the TO DO list to be an Otaku
5.2nd task- the NOT TO DO list to be an Otaku
6.3rd task- Otaku's accessories
7.Outcome - a perfect Otaku
8. Showcase- Gallery

How to convert your boring whit after school shoe into a fashion shoe?
Theme: Cartoon
1. Who am i? - Auther
2. What is it? - Shoe
3. What for? - for fashion/DIY fashion
4. 1st task- shoe designs
5.2nd task- materials
6.3rd task- process/steps
7.Outcome - a fashion and nice shoe
8. Showcase- Gallery

Photoshop Tutorial Urls
- Underwater
- Waterdrops on leaf
- Manipulate Smoke into a Image
- Robotic Frog ... ... ... awesome
- Dynamic Lightings
- Frozen City

Pretty Websites

Mola Ativism


Level 2 Design


Stolen Design

Tutorial URLs
- Snowflake
Feedback: I think this tutorial is fine and it is quite detail. The good thing is there are alot of pictures, so you won't get lost while you are doing it.

- Ship in a Bottle
Feedback: The picture stated quite clear, although is a graphic pictures. To me, graphic pictures are better than photos, is much more clearer

- Gain Weight
Feedback: I quite like the idea of putting pictures in almost every tips they given. At least, there is an example there.

- Good Night Sleep
Feedback: I find that this tutorial page is lack of photos, so is abit unattractive.

- Plush Toys
Feedback: This is actually not bad. You can download the tutorial into your computer. It is quite friendly user with the download cause the user can use the tutorial even if they are offline.