Tuesday, April 7, 2009

KL Design Week 3.4.09

last friday, went for KL Deisgn Week field trip. was fun anyway... ^^ but need to crawl up from the bed early to for this field trip T.T... well, atleast i get to see lots of other people artworks. lots of doodles O.O me likey... got lots of inspiration from them also, especially aya kato's artwork ^^ *thumbs up* i like the style. combination of manga and graphic. for more info.. you can go to these 2 sides... these are the only 2 good websites i found about aya kato



anyway, one of the exibition in National Art Gallery is quite interesting. is actually about media stuff, i think, haha. there's one part where there are 4 chairs infront of the projecter screen. kinda creepy. check out the pictures.

in that same gallery, theres one part that they let you listen to certain type of music and feel the artwork that is hanging in front of you. alot of us went and try.

to me the best part of the whole trip is in CapSquare. damn lots of doodle and character design *stars in the eyes*... lots of cute cute and weird characters O.O... i so happy yeeeeeeee... haha.

this is interesting... the tv is actually a little character made of clay, i think

nice and simple dustbins

a big box that is made of keyboards...

buddha doesn't look boring anymore... haha

same goes to the apples... cute but can't eat.. haha, but we can't resist its cuteness.. haha

theres a place there that sells a lot of design books, i so want to buy one but sadly... wa boh lui!!! TAT. one of my classmate, MC saw this book there. interesting~ and the person who create this, geng~ haha.

some of us bought the enviroment friendly bag, the SAY NO TO PLASTIC bags.. haha

oh yea btw


for more pictures, you can visit my the other blog ^^

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