Thursday, January 8, 2009

The 10 Things That Represents Me

The first thing that represents me is wolf. One thing is because I love wolves a lot ever since I watch one of the Studio Gibli anime, Princess Mononoke when I was a kid. Another thing is that I kinda admire the characteristic of wolf. They live in packs and they can't survive alone. They work as a team to get something they want. So is kinda sounds abit like me, I can't stand loneliness either and I need help sometimes.

When I was in secondary school, one of my good friend actually called stick. You can know why he called me that by just looking at me. haha. Yeap, my body is as thin as a stick. One of my friend told me once before "eh Jia Myn, where had you been, susah to find you lar. You hiding behind the tiang is it." I was like "I got nothing to say" but find kinda funny after a while.

Well, I am not really into watching anime actually. I am just really into anime drawing. I watch anime to get reference. So, when come to anime, I am kinda choosy. I will only watch anime that have nice drawing like Eureka 7, Code Geass.

The first thing I will do when I am bored is doodle or design some weird characters! I will just randomly doodle stuff like weird characters or things, play around with lines. By the way, the picture on top is not my artwork.haha

Another nickname from my secondary school days. Adobe girl, one of my senior called me that, when I was form 4. Cause, I was really obsess with Adobe Photoshop.

Lines is one of my favourite thing to play with. I play around with lines to create patterns or characters when I am free. I started to play around lines ever since my first sem first design class, which is taught by Lily. She taugh us about playing around lines, dot and shapes. So few weeks after that class, i started to play around with lines and got interested in it. Oh yea, that is not my artwork either.

Dinosaur is the first thing that I actually fell in love with. Ever since I watch this cartoon called Land Before Time when i was around in the age of 4 to 5, I became crazy with dinosaur. Then my parents will buy me those dinosaur plastic toys.

Again with the secondary school nicknames. haha. For this nickname, most of my friends called me that. And that nickname is noob. Honestly, I am a slow learner. I absorb things very slow. Come to reading, I sometimes need to read few times then only I can get it. But I am fine with this nickname, cause I admit that I am blur and slow.

Techno has been my favorite type of music ever since form 4 when one of my classmate introduce me trance techno, house and hardstyle techno. But now a days I just listen to those techno that is in between house and trance

Lastly, I am a tomato person. But not really fully tomato, cause I don't eat chilli but wasabi. I can't stand the spiciness of the chilli but wasabi. A lot of my friends find it weird, how can someone that don't eat chilli but wasabi. Yea, I know I am weird in this.

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